Event Development Specialists

We at Special Event Engineering, LLC (SEE) do just what our name implies; we engineer or assist you in engineering your “Special Event”.

With an over 35 year history in the creation and production of a myriad of events both large and small, public and private, SEE has the knowledge, skill and expertise that goes into ensuring that your event is not only successful but is truly all it can and should be.

From conception to completion and beyond we know what it takes and how to produce your event in a safe, practical, ethical and profitable manner that you, your attendees, sponsors and community can and will be proud of. We know how to properly put the components together to achieve this outcome and we have the training, experience and track record to prove it.

Our company’s production expertise ranges from staging National Bicentennial recognized multi-day outdoor extravaganzas, nationally televised major coliseum professional rodeos to the creation of Fairs and Festivals. We have been charged with the establishment of an Athlete’s Village for the International Law Enforcement Games and the logistical handling of all the ticketing needs for CitiBank’s world VIPs at the 1996 Olympics. Whether its producing musical, sporting, exhibit or fundraising events we have successfully done it and can show you how or do it for you.

Be it timing, location, tickets sales logistics, security, marketing, advertising, media relations, sponsor procurement or any of the hundreds of elements that go into a successful event you can rest assured we at SEE have “been there, done that and have sold the T-shirts.”

By working with SEE you can trust that you have a partner who is not only trained, experienced, tested, proven and knows every aspect that you need to know to be successful but will also train you and your staff and volunteers to be able to grow your event into all it can and should be.

As hockey great Wayne Gretzky once said,”100% of the shots you don’t take don’t go in”, so contact Special Event Engineering, LLC today and take your shot to give your event its opportunity to achieve greatness.