MEGAPASS™ Advance Sale Ticket Program

The Need
To increase both attendance and bottom-line revenues for the event and/or midway while addressing the public’s desire for increased affordability and value from the event.

The Concept
To offer an advance ticket that grants holder one or more of the following:
  • Unlimited rides on any one day of event or on multiple days
  • Gate admission(s) and unlimited rides on any one day of event or on multiple days.
To drive this promotion, the ticket should be discounted offering the customer a true value over regular prices. This promotion offers the customer the flexibility of making the day(s) of their choice an armband day. (Some days and condition of usage rules may apply)

The Benefits
Sale of the event’s MegaPass™ will result in the following:
  • Pre-event revenue (Rain Insurance)
  • Repeat visits due to perception of increased savings
  • Resulting attendance increase will result in enhanced concession/game revenues
  • Building of future customer base due to number of new attendees

How It Works
SEE will develop and facilitate an advertising campaign custom tailored for the program to run in advance of the event utilizing a predetermined budget supplied by the event or midway earmarked for this sales campaign. When possible, the selected ticket outlets’ advertising will also be converted to support the advance sales campaign.

The tickets will be on sale approximately 3 to 4 weeks prior to the event with SEE handling all the details with the ticket sale outlets including placing the tickets, reconciling post event and revenue collection.

Once a customer purchases either an “electronically” produced (i.e. The Walgreens Ticketing Program type) or a traditional “Hard Stock” type ticket the ticket is then presented at the event and exchanged for the appropriate wristband.
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