On-Demand Tickets

Walgreens Ticketing Program is but one of Special Event Engineering, LLC’s electronic On-Demand ticket sales options. Should, for whatever reason, the Walgreens program not be a good fit for your Event then we have a variety of other electronic on-demand ticket outlet solutions available for you to choose from. Together we will find the type of tickets and the outlets that will work best for you.

Hard Stock Tickets

If your Event is not a candidate for an “On-Demand” ticket program due to event size or availability of electronic outlets then a “Hard Ticket” outlet program can be created just for you.

We will locate the correct outlets for your sales campaign to flourish. These type tickets are usually sold through a ticket outlet or multiple outlets (including the venue itself) and are consigned to the outlet prior to the event sales period then picked-up and reconciled at the end of the sales period. Identifying and choosing the correct outlet or outlets for these sales is critical in order to reduce labor intensiveness. Hard Stock programs can be very effective in certain situations.

Online Ticket Sales

Our E-Ticket or On-Line solutions were developed to by our strategic partner to increase your revenues, reduce your costs and provide more convenience and benefits to your customers. These “print at home” type tickets are characterized by several features which go beyond simply order taking and they can be “teamed up” with other ticket selling options as well. Some of these features and benefits are:
  • Various packages available to meet your changing needs
  • No software or hardware to buy or install
  • Low Convenience Fees on all package choices
  • Sell tickets 24/7 from your own website.
  • Buy and print tickets online securely anywhere and at anytime.
  • Reduce staffing, mailing costs, lost tickets.
  • Increase revenues by selling sponsorship opportunities.
  • Create an E-Marketing database.
  • Web page customization to merge with your website.
  • Helps eliminate or cut down on “Will Call" lines.
  • Inventory control of sales. Multiple products per inventory (such as child and adult seats for the same limited seating).
  • Tie inventory to custom numbering, reserved seats and our proprietary bar code system.
  • Sell in real time during a show for scanning at the gate.
  • Customize the look and feel of the ticket. Disclaimers, gate instructions, and the ticket detail can be easily customized.
  • E-Tickets can carry coupons, sponsored ads, maps and/or a list of general show information.
  • Reports of several types are available including basic sales, financial and order detail, sales by city, data download for further analysis, gate and scan reports.
  • Interface with either your own authorize.net merchant account or operate through our system.
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