Could your event benefit from having an affordable, turn-key, electronic ticket sales program with numerous high profile convenient outlets? 

Walgreens Ticketing Program is a totally new concept of providing a convenient, affordable and user friendly method for the public to obtain tickets to local and national events and attractions.

Walgreens Ticketing Program is just the latest in a long list of firsts launched by the Walgreens Company. Founded in 1901, Walgreens is not only the nation's largest retail pharmacy chain; it is considered the leader in innovative drugstore retailing. Walgreens stores are fixtures in American life and trusted brands synonymous with quality and value.

Walgreens Ticketing Program works like this: “The Corner Box Office” at Walgreens working in conjunction with special event industry ticket sales experts, Special Event Engineering, LLC, utilizes the “state of the art” printing systems currently found at every cash register in the over 8,000 Walgreens stores nationwide to produce and print customized tickets to special events.

Just a few of the benefits to both you and your customers of utilizing the Walgreens Ticketing Program ticketing include:
  • Numerous highly visible sales locations. Some open 24 hrs a day!
  • Multiple check-out lanes for faster and more convenient sales!
  • A variety of in-store “Point of Sale” supports available such as posters and professionally produced “Radio Walgreens” in-store PA announcements!
  • High vehicle traffic count outdoor electronic marquee signage!
  • No labor intensive hard ticket printing, distribution, pick-up and reconciliation!
  • No credit card fees!
  • Electronic ticketing means substantially lower ticket printing costs with no risk of running out of tickets plus substantially increased loss prevention!
  • Low customer service charges resulting in higher sales volumes!
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