Meet Gregory Bean, CFE and Pat Bean

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Gregory Bean, CFE & Pat Bean
Reprinted with Permission:

Gregory Bean, CFE, and his wife and business partner Pat own and operate Special Event Engineering, LLC (SEE), which specializes in advertising, marketing, promotion, conducting advance ticket sales programs, and consulting for the fair and special event industry.

Bean first began his concert and festival production career in 1976 by producing one of the officially sanctioned National Bicentennial Events in conjunction with actor Burt Reynolds. He and Pat produced Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) sanctioned rodeos for over 12 years in multiple major market coliseums on the east coast. During that time Bean produced the first nationally televised Coors PRCA Pro Rodeo. Bean entered the fair industry when he became the manager of the Martin County Fair, Stuart, FL.

Moving on in 1989, he began serving as advance ticket sales coordinator for the South Florida Fair and Exposition, West Palm Beach. There he developed the "Partners in Education" advance ticket sales program. This program allowed for a percentage of advance ticket sales to go to the school of the purchaser's choice. He then founded the Seminole County Fair in Casselberry FL, and chronicled the accomplishment in a humorous 10-part series titled ''A Fair from Scratch" in Fairs & Expos from April 1993 to January 1994. It was during this time that he earned his Certified Fair Executive designation from the IAFE.

Bean then became a founding partner in Event Marketing Group, LLC, which specializes in event ticket sales and promotion for clients and events, such as the Iowa State Fair, Tennessee State Fair, Nebraska State Fair, the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show, and more. He has co-founded the Walgreens Ticketing Program, which is a national electronic on-demand advance ticketing system and is offered by Special Event Engineering, LLC. On demand electronically produced tickets to local and national events are made available by Special Event Engineering, LLC, through the over 6,500 Walgreens locations nationwide. The Greater Jacksonville Fair, Jacksonville, FL, recently began his program. SEE also has just signed a three year agreement to handle the pre event ticket sales and advertising placement for the annual Oktoberfest at Prince of Peace Church in Ormond Beach. This was the first time the church sold tickets outside of the congregation's expectations of presales. A handful of Walgreen's Corner Box Office locations were used in a 20-mile radius. This resulted in drawing added attendance from more than just the immediate neighborhood from where the church membership is from.

Another client, The Volusia County Fair & Youth Show, Deland, FL, expanded the radius of its advance ticket sales program from 25 miles to 30 miles from the fair's location. Last year, the Walgreens ticketing program tripled the Volusia County Fair's presale ticket sales of any previous year.

Sam Magee, general manager, Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show and Rodeo (the sixth largest in Texas) recently stated, "Greg and Patty have, and continue to, oversee and manage our midway provider, Reed Shows Expositions' MegaPass Ticket Sale promotion from its conception in 2002 to date and through his efforts, we realized the most successful and profitable results since 2005 with a 17% increase in revenue to our event from MegaPass sales alone. It was through observation of their efforts and success with the MegaPass program and knowledge of their Professional Rodeo and Special Events background that we at the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show choose their firm to handle the duties of supervising and conducting our event's complete media relations program. This decision proved to be very prudent and profitable as we realized an increase of 9% in our paid attendance over the previous year."

Special Event Engineering, LLC, also offers the MEGAPASS™ Advance Sale Ticket Program. MEGAPASS™ is a program that allows an advance ticket purchaser to choose one day or multiple days of their choice in which they receive unlimited rides at the fair. The program has proven to increase pre-event revenue, increase attendance, and introduce new attendees to events. The Walgreens Ticketing Program provides tremendous opportunities to fairs both large and small to outsource a variety of critical advance tickets sale options.

SEE clients have included Nebraska State Fair, Reithoffer Shows, Iowa State Fair, North Florida Fair, LPGA Golf Tournaments, Belle City Amusements, Coastal Empire Fair, Professional Championship Bull Riding, Renaissance festivals, and more.

Aside from ticket sales, Special Event Engineering, LLC, is a full service agency and consulting firm. They offer asset identification and analysis, market research, development of marketing support resources, full public relations services, image building, fully documented "mystery shopping," and free initial consultation. Special Event Engineering, LLC, was recently recognized by the Lake County Fair, Eustis, FL, for "Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty" for their work with advance ticket sales and advertising placement for the fair. SEE has also just signed a three-year agreement to handle all the creative and marketing and create a MegaPass advance ticket sales for the National Geographic Society recognized Cullman County Fair in Cullman, AL.

When asked why he feels that Special Event Engineering has and continues to grow in its success, Bean summed it up like this: "The fair industry has, and continues to be, my life and I have been blessed with having some of the most brilliant fair managers in the industry mentoring me for decades. My experience in fair management and the accomplishment of acquiring my CFE, coupled with the female consumer insights that Pat brings to the table definitely gives Special Event Engineering an enormous competitive edge. If you want to know about our company and how we do business ask anyone who has worked with us. We are truly honored to be able to give back to an industry that has given us so much."